March 7, 2023

Journalists have also expressed concerns about being replaced, especially in light of the recent CNET scandal. Hyde argues that journalism is far too sophisticated a job to be supplemented by an AI given the amount of deep research involved. 

CNET did have some errors in the AI-generated articles like basic math being wrong. Given the quantity of work AI can produce it would likely be beneficial to hire staff to do the proper editing and research that needs to be done. Hyde says writers, editors and researchers well versed in using AI-based tech are more likely to be hired, thus would be wise to learn the technology. 

“What it will probably do is just take what the person wrote and generate a lot more news releases and they can spend some time editing the material generated and be able to do other tasks AI cannot do,” Hyde said. “For example, AI cannot pick up a phone and call you to pitch a story.” 

Hyde also argued that the onus is on the humans using this technology to make sure their information is factual and correct since, like Tolle pointed out, it is subject to error. 

“Buzzfeed is not going to be able to say this is just going to be created by an AI and go straight to the website without anybody looking at it first,” Tolle said.

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