Editorial: Campus should consider carbon footprint

        Illustration by Anthony Lazon/The ETCetera

Protests from east to west are taking place calling on governments to take action against climate change.

While protests are fine, expecting quick results from the government is a far reach. Eastfield has recently been approved to have two buildings built as a part of phase one of the bond plan, and we hope the designers will consider making the new buildings LEED certified.

This would allow for our buildings to be healthier for everyone who’s here on a regular basis. It would also save the district money, as the buildings would use less energy and water. And it would set Eastfield apart and above other campuses that have not adopted this certification.

If the college is looking toward another 50 years of success, then it is imperative it does everything it can to be a more sustainable campus. And we don’t have to wait for the construction of the new buildings.

For starters, Subway could begin giving customers paper straws instead of plastic. Instead of sending food to landfills, perhaps let’s start composting.

We should hold our own clothes drives where people can recycle clothing they no longer wear.

Another measure is to have better signs above trash bins that show people what item goes in which bin and how to properly recycle.

Many may not know that for a bottle to be recycled it must be rinsed out and the cap and seal must be removed.

Recent field trips and lectures by the Student Success and Wellness Division are commendable, but we’re getting past the point of talking.

Our planet is changing at an alarming rate and we have to take action.

Even though the president of the United States believes it to be a hoax, scientists agree that there is a real threat to our planet from green house gas emissions.

Our school and district has the opportunity with this billion-dollar bond to lead the charge of building a renewable district that can leave less of a foot­print on the earth and be am example for other community colleges across the country.


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