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Latinos emphasize serving the community

Today, Dean is chairman of the Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce. He, along with Eastfield Vice President of Teaching and Learning Michael Gutierrez and Chairman of the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce Jeronimo Valdez spoke about Latino leadership in the community during a panel discussion hosted by the Men’s Empowerment Coalition. […]

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Senator sets high standards

Sporting her iconic pink sneakers, single mom Wendy Davis made national headlines in an 11-hour filibuster aiming to prevent the dismantling of woman’s healthcare in Texas. Now, the state senator from Fort Worth is running for governor of Texas. […]

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Soccer finishes strong

They almost fell apart. After suffering their worst loss of the season on Sept. 24, the Eastfield soccer players knew they had to make something happen. Coach Dustin Stein said every coach can look back on one game that changed its season. For the Lady Harvesters, it was the first time they played Richland. They lost 18-1. […]