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3 questions with: Jennifer Hudson

The Et Cetera attended the red carpet premiere of “Winnie Mandela” at the International Faith and Family Film Festival on Aug. 31 at the Omni hotel in Dallas. Reporters had chance to interview one of the lead stars, Jennifer Hudson, who played Winnie
Mandela. […]

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Dallas rapper Topic impresses crowd at Club Dada

The venue is empty at 7 p.m. Aug. 29. Only a bartender and lady at the door are present at Club Dada. A rapper and his associates sit on stage going over a setlist for the rapper’s hip-hop performance that’s set to begin at 10 p.m.
Sporting a complex cumulus cloud of black hair, bordered by a green scarf wrapped around his forehead and a purposefully subtle wild scruff of facial hair, one of the hottest local rappers in Dallas sits on stage awaiting his sound check. […]

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Meta-studio celebrates faculty artwork

A yam adorned with mouse ears cuddles to a yam-woman with a gun. Next to it, a large network of plants and greenery gives way to a painted jungle. Across from that piece is a mixture of horror and fantasy come to life in ceramic mold, as creatures with birds attached to their brains and misshapen eyes peek around the F-219 Gallery. […]