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A fresh taste of coffee, tea, lifestyle

The Life House is a 1928 Rockwall house remodeled to provide a clean, organic coffee shop where people can eat, drink and visit with friends.

Too often, owner Chris Kelley said, people just grab a quick bite to eat without considering what other options are available. […]

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Not everyone can be a vegan

Whether it was a disapproving stare at my plate of nachos or a PETA sticker slapped inside one of my school notebooks, my vegan sister was always sure to voice her opinion on my diet in the most passive-aggressive way possible. wwI wasn’t the only one experiencing this. […]

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Daddy, you’re doing it wrong

One evening as I was cleaning up the aftermath of dinner with my 1-year-old, I asked my husband to get her bath ready.

I was expecting him to get the bath started, go into the bedroom and turn on the TV without actually helping me bathe her. To my surprise, he picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. I heard the water running, splashing, and my baby giggling. […]

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Exhibiton puts studio artists on pedestals

Each spring, more than 100 studio art students get the opportunity to have one of their pieces displayed in the So Fresh juried student art exhibition.
Art program coordinator David Willburn developed the name So Fresh — short for sophomore-freshman — for the exhibition. Willburn said he gave it that name because the college’s art program sets students up to transfer to a four-year university. […]

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Today’s movie ratings aren’t appropriate for audiences

I love Stephen Chbosky’s “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”
It was my coming-of-age novel, realistically portraying parallels to my high school years.
The book was written for a mature audience. However, a film adaptation of the novel was released last October with a PG-13 rating due to violence, nudity, sensuality, language and other adult themes. […]